Intermediate respiratory care units and COVID -19

Presentation of the Meeting


Dra. Eva Prats
Evidence for non-invasive support in ARDS due to COVID


Dr. Stefano Nava
Rox index and high flow in COVID



Dr. Jean Damien Ricard
Prone vs. supportive and non-invasive support in COVID



Dr. Claude Guerin
P-SILI and COVID monitoring: criteria for orotracheal intubation?



Dr. Oriol Roca
Panel discussion



Dr. José Miguel Alonso
Personalisation of ventilatory support Goodbye to the Berlin Wall!



Dr. Federico Gordo
Predictive indices of prolonged weaning from mechanical ventilation in LICU COVID-19

Dr. Carlos María Franceschini
Automated oxygen titration, weaning and monitoring (FreeO2) – in COVID patients



Dr. François Lellouche
Panel discussion



Dra. Eva Prats
Has the pandemic affected Intermediate Respiratory Care Units?



Dr. Guillermo Montiel
Use of Non-invasive Respiratory Support in COVID-19 Patients (Africa)



Dr. Laminu Kaumi
Panel discussion



Dr. Edwin Herrera
Preventing Sever COVID-19: Hit early, hit hard



Dr. Luis Perez de Llano
Pharmacological Update in Intermediate Respiratory Care Units



Dra. Özlem Mocin
Cost-effectiveness analysis in Intermediate Respiratory Care Units



Dr. Ignacio Previgliano
Comprehensive rehabilitation of the COVID patient



Gabriela Arrien
Neva Aliaga
Conclusions and resolution of doubts


Francisco Javier Gómez de Terreros

Intermediate respiratory care and other pathology units

Presentation of the second day



Dr. Carlos María Franceschini
Postoperative Management in Intermediate Respiratory Care Units



Dr. José Miguel Alonso Íñigo
Management of the neuromuscular patient in Intermediate Respiratory Care Units



Dr. Fabrizio Rao
Hypoxaemic Acute Respiratory Failure



Dr. Bushra Mina
Hypercapnic Chronic Respiratory Failure



Dr. Jean Damien Ricard
Indications and evidence for non-invasive post-extubation support. Complex weaning



Fdo Suárez Sipmann
Panel discussion


Dr. Stefano Nava
Impedance tomography – a predictor of high flow treatment?


Dra. Zhe Li
Remote Monitoring of Non –Invasive Ventilators


Dr. Faheem Ahmed Khan
Does non-invasive ventilation make sense in the elderly patient?



Dr. José Manuel Carratalá Perales
Importance of ultrasound in Intermediate Respiratory Care Units.



Dr. Borja de la Quintana
Panel discussion



Dra. Soledad López
Instrumental bronchial drainage techniques in hypersecretory patients in IRCU



Dr. Fernando Wang
Use of CPAP via Helmet in Acute Respiratory Failure



Dr. Nicolás Colaiani
Nursing care. Innovation and evidence.



Dr. Ignacio Latorre
Digital transformation in nursing


Dr. Manuel Revuelta
panel discussion



Aurora Araujo
Almudena Santano Magariño


Dr. Salvador Díaz Lobato


Dra. Eva Prats