Ada Toledo

Pneumologist at Non Invasive Ventilatory Support Unit (USoVNI) at the Juan A. Fernández Hospital. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Almudena Santano Magariño

Director of Nursing, Hospital Puerta de Hierro. Madrid Experience as head of the Department of Emergency and Critical Care at the Hospital Gregorio Marañón. Teacher and researcher in critical care at the Complutense, Alfonso X el Sabio and Santiago de Compostela Universities. Madrid, Spain

Edwin Herrera

Pneumologist of the National Hospital Arzobispo Loayza. Lima, Peru

Eva Prats

Pneumologist at the Intermediate Respiratory Care Unit of the Isabel Zendal Hospital in Madrid. President of the HEEIZ Scientific Committee. Training and Teaching Coordinator. Madrid, Spain

Fernando Wang

Physiotherapist specializing in cardiorespiratory rehabilitation. Expert in Physiotherapy in resuscitation and intensive care. Oncology Institute Paolo Calmettes. Marsella, France